lemonade (rachaelwsz) wrote,

Cleaning up my LJ once again..

(Currently adding.)

Just some little info about me (but I'm not going to go into anything about my personal life. hee):

I own wrongpill , a graphics comm where I post icons (GIF and stills), layouts, textures and PSDs.
lucifersam , juliet42 ,lover_of_narnia  and biggestparafan  also contribute their work there. :)
Check the comm out!

My Tumblr: korrakorrakorra.tumblr.com

If we share any interests, I'll be sure to add you back. :)

Tags: hullo there
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love your icon , i see we have lot of common , and you are only 1 year younger than me xD
so..add me :>
Sure. :D
thx you :)
i added you to my f-list a while ago, but you never friended me back. we have a few things in common. friend me back? :)
Oop. Adding back. :)
Well, we seem to have a lot in common. Especially Harry Potter and the Hunger Games :)
Add me back? :)
sure. :)
Hi, I saw someone using an icon of the Royal Wedding made by you, and I couldn't find it anywhere on your community, could you please help me out?
sorry but i didn't post it in my community! i made it just for myself (and for people who wanted it) during the ONTD royal wedding post and i'm afraid i don't have it anymore. but if you happen to come across it (i know someone else on ONTD still has it), feel free to use it!

sorry i can't help you more. :l
ok thanks
I knew from the moment you got that flawless icon I had to friend you.
lol. i'm re-watching the series and i finally started reading the manga last weekend. (i'm on chapter 48 rn. i'm hooked) Once again, thanks for the zip files. :D